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Millions of Dollars Recovered

We sue brokerage firms to recover your investment losses.

  • Did you lose money due to broker fraud or misconduct?
  • Did your broker misrepresent the risks?
  • Did your financial advisor fail to diversify your portfolio?
  • Did you lose money in oil and gas MLPs, bonds, or stocks?

Lost Money in the Stock Market?

You may be a victim of stock broker fraud: Have You?

  • Suffered sudden significant losses?
  • Noticed trades that you didn’t authorize or don’t understand?
  • Noticed your portfolio has an excessive number of trades?
  • Told to take risky investments that made you feel uncomfortable?

Securities Fraud Attorney

Find out if you are entitled to a fraud recovery?

  • FINRA Arbitration
  • Broker Misconduct
  • Broker Negligence
  • Unauthorized Trading

Have you suffered investment losses?

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Miller Law Group - The Miller Stern lawyers, LLC., - The Court ruled on the Motion to Vacate and denied Respondent Stifel.   IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF MARYLAND STIFEL, NICOLAUS & CO., Petitioner, v. * Civil Case No. SAG-20-0005 * MICHAEL...

Miller Stern lawyers, LLC.

represents investors in cases regarding investment recovery when losses are caused by wrongful broker conduct. We are committed to providing clients with the finest legal representation and helping them navigate the judicial system towards the justice they deserve. We represent individual investors, retirees, trusts, pension plans, partnerships, family partnerships, family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals.

We are dedicated towards providing expert legal representation to investors seeking to recover investment losses from brokerage firms and financial advisors. Our firm represents investors across the United States and internationally in FINRA arbitrations, AAA arbitrations, JAMS arbitrations and in both state and federal courts. Led by Daniel J. Miller, our team has the experience and resources to champion its clients against even the largest and best funded brokerage firms and law firms in the country.
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I used Dan over all the other lawyers I knew because he is a working man’s lawyer. Someone down to earth that I could tell would relate to my problems. Not some stuck up suit!


Bull Dog all the way!! Just what we needed.

Tom C.

Second I saw him I knew he was right. Jeans and a button down, my kind of guy.


Compassionate, sincerely concerned about our well being and aggressive when the time was right.

Jesse and Nick

Very knowledgeable.


Very diligent and kept me informed throughout the whole process. Never gave up and battled to get me the best result. Very highly recommend.


Did your broker commit fraud or mis-represent the risk of an investment?

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Case Results

Some examples of our award winning case results:

  • FINRA Violations Lead To a $1.7M Settlement

    A $1,700,000 verdict was delivered against an International Broker/Dealer for FINRA violations and unauthorized trading.

  • Loss of Assets in Brokerage Account Case Settled for $1.5M

    This case involved the unauthorized transfer of assets, which also was an issue of elder abuse. It was resolved after arbitration.

  • Medical Malpractice Settlement

    “One of the highest in the state of Maryland”. A delayed/missed diagnosis of an infection caused catastrophic injury and damage to the body, ultimately necessitating 50 reconstructive procedures.  This was a clear case of Medical Malpractice, and was resolved prior to trial.

  • Business Fraud Case Settled For $60,000,000

    This eight figure settlement was against a large insurance company.  In this case, the plaintiffs argued the company had discriminated based on age and race, and had conspired to throw cases out based on this criteria.

  • Breach of Contract Case Results in $2,500,000 for Plaintiffs

    This $2.5M settlement was against a financier for breach of contract.  Plaintiff alleged that this breach caused his development project to go bankrupt.